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Summer Activities for Students

Summer Activities

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Research shows without making reading an important part of a student’s summer vacation time,  students can lose up to 9 weeks of instruction over the summer, the “summer slip”.

Since reading is such a vital part of making sure your children do not suffer any loss of what they have learned, we have several items to help you combat this.

Students can continue to use Istation, Math Facts In a Flash and RAZ-Kids during the summer. The software instructions for Istation, Math Facs In a Flash, and RAZ-kids are listed below and are available on a computer or mobile device(Apple Devices, Kindles, Tablets, and Google devices)



Type in:

Our domain is:  clifton.clifton.tx

Student login is the same as the normal school year:  example:  28musselmans (year student graduates, lastname

and first initial)  Password is their ID number. If your student doesn’t remember this information, please email your students name and teacher name to and you will receive your students login and password with in the day.


This activity also has an app you can load on your mobile devices.

Math Facts In A Flash

Click on the Following link:

Click on I’m a student

Login in:  28musselmans (year student graduates, lastname and first initial)  Password is their ID number

Click on Math Facts in a Flash


If using a computer:

Type in:’s name listed below:  Example Sheila Berg’s students would type

Click on students icon and your student can get started reading.


Using RAZ-kids on mobile devices:

  • Use on mobile devices(Ipad, Iphone, Google Phones):
  • Load the app Kids A-Z on your Iphone and Google Phones- Just search for Kids A-Z
  • Load the app for your device
  • Click on the app
  • Click on the Teacher name or type in the
    • Sheila Berg--sbergh
    • Kristi Brandenberger--kbrandenberger
    • Diana Davis--davisdiana
    • Sheri Dyson--sdyson1
    • Wendy Edmond--edmondw
    • Linda Ludtke--lludtke
    • Hayley Miles--hmilesd
    • Sam Morgan--smorganaaj
    • Debbie Norris--dnorrise
    • Adair Salinas--asalinas5
    • Cassie Martinez--cthomason1
    • Shelley Townley--stownley0
    • Mindy Webb-mwebb6
    • Lori Bartels--bartelsb
  • Students will also be able to use science and writing this summer


(Many ideas originally from

  1. Have a reading night. Make it like a movie night with all the fixings—popcorn, cozy pillows, maybe even a theme
  2. Check out a brand-new book from a favorite author. Some of our forthcoming favorites include Rick Riordan’s The Hidden Oracle, or Mo Willems’s The Thank You Book, a new Elephant & Piggie book. Mrs. K. is reading The Hidden Oracle over the summer!
  3. Bring it to the table. Add one very important question to your evening dinner conversation: What are you reading? Go around the table and let everyone answer.
  4. Make a weekly trip to our local library-the Nellie Pederson Library, behind the Civic Center.
  5. Get your kiddos to keep a summer log of all the books they’ve read. 
  6. Come up with a family reading challenge for the summer. It could be a reading Bingo card, a passport, or even a simple sticker chart. Just be sure to come up with a reward for the winners.
  7. Stock the game cabinet with some word-related games, like Scrabble JuniorBoggle, or Bananagrams.
  8. Let reading be its own reward by letting the kids stay up an extra half hour to read.
  9. Load up your tablet or phone with reading apps.
  10. Read the book together, and then see the movie in the theater. Some upcoming page-to-screen releases for the summer include Alice Through the Looking Glass and The BFG.  Or read the one of the tie-in books afteryou’ve seen the movie.  
  11. Gift kids a book or two to kick off summer break. Library cards are free at our Nellie Pederson Library!
  12. Have a beach reading day at home, even if you’re nowhere near the ocean. Fill up the kiddie pool, lay out some beach towels in the backyard, have the kids get in their swimsuits (and plenty of SPF), and bring out their best beach reads.
  13. Let your kids pick the books. Kids are much more likely to embrace reading if they’re the ones picking the material.
  14. Give screen-free Sundays a try. Try turning off the tech for one day each week as a family to allow for more page time, nature time, and face-to-face interaction with your kids.
  15. Check out kidlit podcasts together. Good places to start are StorynoryMugglecast, or video podcast StoryCub.
  16.  Play word games in the car. Reading isn’t limited to books. Have your kids play the alphabet game with road signs, taking turns looking for letters—Q and Z can be doozies. Or “collect” states from different license plates.
  17.  Introduce a new series. Getting on board with an already established series means your kids will have a built-in list of what they’ll be reading next.
  18.  Have family read-aloud time. Whether your kids are 2 or 12, they can benefit from and enjoy being read to—and you’ll reap the benefits of sharing your love of reading and your time with them.

Summer Reading Program at Nellie Pederson Library located at 403 West 3rd behind the Clifton City Hall.